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My life over the past few weeks seems to have been solely dedicated to these chaps. I’m fairly happy with them, my painting seems to match in with Andy Mac’s reasonably well, although he clearly uses a different flesh palette than I do, the styles are similar generally. He’ll put more shading on things like straps though which I’ve resisted in an effort to get these finished in time for the Pendraken Birthday Bash. “Goat Major” and I have volunteered to put a game on between us, opting for Freeman’s Farm straight out of the Black Powder rulebook. I’ve just spent almost all weekend working on the basing, I’d forgotten just how big a job basing masses of troops can be.

Anyway, here’s the images (Painter in Brackets to avoid confusion!). All figures are Pendraken, bases are by Precision Wargame Supplies and tufts are Silflor. Click on the images to make them bigger.

Militia (Andy Mac)

Militia (Andy Mac)

British Infantry (Andy Mac)

Morgan's Rifles (Me)

Continentals (Me)

British Artillery (Me)

Hessian Jaegers (Me)

British Generals (Me)

Overall of the forces so far

4 thoughts on “More AWI”

  1. Very nicely done. It just so happens that we fought an AWI battle this Thursday last and used some of same units as you have. I commanded the First Massachusetts Line and the Green Mountain Boys backed up by some Massachusetts militia. Faced the Black Watch and a regiment of Hessians and sent them packing although the Green Mountain boys were pretty shot up before it was over. We mostly game in 15mm, but I like the visual of your formations. Do you find the 10mm much harder to paint up than 15mm? I am 60 years old and the eyes aren’t what they used to be.

    Again good job. I’d be interested in looking at your other work in the SYW and moderns especially.


  2. Hard to believe those are 10mm, well done and excellent kits for sure, I just wish I could be there next weekend for the birthday bash. It might be nice to have a continental playing the good guys! : ) I can’t wait to see the AAR reports after the good time you all will have.

    And Hey Brad, I just started mustering together some Pendraken 10mm ACW figures that with luck I will be able to run a game or two at next Recruits. On one level they are not much different then painting anything else. And at that scale most folks say you paint for just the effects though these are exceptionally done. I heard you were doing some 10mm WWII?

    Anyway, lovely job sorry if I high jacked your post. : ) I am interested in seeing how Black powder plays out. I’ve been tempted by the rules.

    take care

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