First game of Pig Wars

There’s a number of Dark Age armies in the Peterborough Wargames Club and its a period which seems to have a good following. Andy has started to introduce Pig Wars as a different system to WAB, a situation I’m extremely happy with since I didn’t like WAB in the slightest. I’ve no doubt it will continue to be a popular system for the club but Pig Wars looks like it may gain some traction too. I’m glad I brought my camera as Andy has some of the best miniatures in the club although I might not admit it to his face :).

The game was a rerun of the scenario Andy tested with Carl previously, two warbands of 20 figures each arriving at a peaceful village with the intention of making off with the livestock, valuables and populace and not realising the other had the same idea.

I took 20 infantry figures, a leader, standard bearer and 8 fully armoured spearmen, 6 partially armoured spearmen and 4 partially armoured javelinmen.

My plan was to use the lesser troops to block the left flank behind the church by using a shieldwall, and to advance my good troops and skirmishers into the village to start pillaging and also to combat Andy’s main force.

Unfortunately he chose to bring some Cavalry to the fight, and while he’d ruled that the lance modifier was too high they were still a highly capable force and heading straight for my small shieldwall. After a small round of combat unfortunately all my men were dead, run down by the cavalry. It was only after the game had finished that I read the bit about a max combat factor of 14…

Shortly before the poor infantry are ridden down.

In the village I advanced through the bushes ringing the open area as Andy’s opposing troops advanced along the road. The extra movement they gained allowing them to start chasing villagers into the houses as they caught sight of heavily armed men coming at them.

The villagers start running into the houses.
My skirmishers moved down the road using the bonus movement to try to get into range of his archers and main lines.
My main shieldwall moving through the bushes.

Eventually the two battle lines faced off each other, neither wanting to make the move while my light troops initially attacking his archers, then harrassed his line and then broke off to go looting as did a couple of his men.

Andy's shieldwall looking rather menacing.
A pretty lady cowers in fear as a enemy soldier storms into her house.

In the end we did have a punch up, I managed to kill his leader while he killed my standard bearer. Andy forgot he was holding a red ace on his rally check while I remembered mine after a turn of figures routing. I think it was an honourable draw.

The two forces face off.

The rules worked really well, and we both liked them. I know a couple of others played them last night and hopefully they got on with them as well. I was a bit disappointed with my own skirmish troops performance, but the core infantry rules seem sound provided you remember the max factor of 14!!!

A shot of the table about half way through the battle showing the whole scene.