Khurasan 15mm Vikings

I’ve 48 of Khurasan’s Viking range to paint for a friend who’s decided to do Pig Wars in 15mm in a big way.

The figures themselves had a fair amount of flash and a lot of them have been cast with the moulds misaligned by the looks of it. The figures look very characterful with lots of detail, but when it comes to painting them alot of the detail is difficult to paint. A particular case in point is the strapping on the legs of several warriors. Its not the fine lines which are difficult to paint per se, but the angle of the legs makes getting a brush to them very awkward and the detail itself looks odd or badly executed.

Matt’s bought a bunch of Little Big Men Studio shield transfers to use. Unfortunately having used one, it’s obvious that despite being marketed for Khurasan specifically, the miniatures shields are larger than the transfers, leaving either a white ring around the shield or me to paint in the missing areas. Far more annoying than just painting the design freehand in the first place and that’s not taking into account the fact that the shield bosses have to be cut out of the transfers first and we’re talking 3-4mm squares here!

Anyway, here’s a few shots of some I’ve done so far and some WIP. I’ve tended to paint in shade and highlight (whether painted or washes), very little triad work here but after painting bigger figures recently I couldn’t go back to single block colours even if the figures aren’t mine. Please bear in mind that the pictures show some of the figures many times their size.

Bowmen with handpainted shield
LBM shield transfer
Guys in padded jackets