New Hex Terrain

I’ve been wanting to get a more dynamic and modular hill system for some time. A while ago Matt and I commissioned some hills from S & A Scenics which gave us a variable length ridge, up to 7 foot of it in fact, but the truth was once I got it I realised that it wasn’t going to do it for me. Sure, I could do a whopping long hill, or two opposing ridges, but there was something wrong about them, they were too straight, too clinical. I started searching for alternatives, and shortly after posting on WD3, had an offer of some hex terrain. Not just any hex terrain either, Geo Hex and in such quantity (and two colour schemes), it really sold itself to me. I agreed to purchase it and in the meantime I managed to get an absolute bargain on Evilbay of a single part set. This confirmed to me that it was what I wanted, and I picked it up at a secret Service station meet on Saturday.

Unfortunately with the Kitchen still being in the process of being done, I’ve lost my games room but tonight when I got home to an empty house for an hour or so I took the opportunity to get a bit out on the living room floor. As you can see from the pictures, I still haven’t found the right edge pieces, or the clips which hold the tiles together, but bearing in mind it was hastily thrown together on a laminate floor, I’m pretty pleased even so. All I have to do now is catalogue all the pieces and work out where I’m going to store it. As you can see, there’s rather a lot of it! Just for the record, that area’s 4ft by about 5.5ft and there’s easily enough hexes to double it, and probably triple it in each colour.

Hex Terrain
Just how much is there?