6mm Adler Spanish

I have been looking at expanding the Peninsular options available and buying a Spanish army. I bought a couple of units of Adler Spanish last year at Reading and painted them up. However, I’ve almost had it with painting 6mm figures for now, so I bought some more Adlers and sent them off to a painter to do the hard work for me.

I’m very happy with the results in the main, although there’s a couple of things I’d have done differently if painting them myself. That’s always the risk with outsourcing though.

The units as a whole.

Based up though they look damn good and have added a small division with some H&R figures I bought off eBay.

My painted units.
An example of the commissioned figures.
The Spanish General.

Having spoken to Matt though, we’ve decided that he’s going to do the Spanish required for the orbat so that means I can concentrate on finishing off the Portuguese, British and French.

3 thoughts on “6mm Adler Spanish”

    1. Haha. I should now have all the British infantry. I haven’t yet figured out what cavalry I’m going to go with, but figure I probably have about the right numbers. Its the Portuguese I’m short of, I think another 24 bases…

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