Anglo-Portuguese Army 1810

I’ve based my 6mm Anglo-Portuguese army on the order of battle in George Nafziger’s “The Anglo-Portuguese Army September 1810″, a pdf of which can be downloaded from here.

I was rather disappointed to find that I’ve seemingly miscalculated the number of British battalions required and have ended up 5 short, so that’ll be added to the number of Portuguese units (21) that I need to do. I’ve spent a large amount of time sticking labels to the bases identifying what battalion is what, and these are on Steel paper for use with magnetic numbers.

The whole army

Spencer’s 1st Division is complete and fully based, the only British formation which is!

1st Division

Hill’s 2nd Division is missing a couple of battalions.

2nd Division

Picton’s 3rd Division is missing the man himself (currently on the painting table along with Wellington, Uxbridge and a bevy of other Generals and ADC’s) and 3 Portuguese battalions.

3rd Division

Lowry Cole’s 4th Division is missing one battalion and needs its latest addition of 4 Portuguese battalions basing.

4th Division

Leith’s 5th Division is missing 6 Portuguese battalions while the Light Division is missing Craufurd (yes I’ve spelt it wrong on the label!), and the 1/43rd. I’m also going to add another 2 bases of rifles to represent the 95th and boost the brigades to 3 bases each.

5th Division and Light Division

This is Hamilton’s Portuguese Division and is complete. In this photo you can see the small magnetic numbers I’m going to be using to mark units for roster based games like Principles of War and Grande Armee which are our two preferred Napoleonic systems.

Portuguese Division

The orbat includes a number of Independant Portuguese brigades which are here, as you can see I’m missing three of the four required which means 12 Line battalions and another 2 Cacadores battalions of 16 men each to spread across the bases. I have another which is painted and ready though.

Independant Portuguese

Here’s the cavalry, although I have 2 Regiments of Hussars and the missing KGL Light Dragoons painted and awaiting (re) basing. I’ll probably add some more Light Dragoons before the end.


And lastly, here’s Beresford, awaiting an ADC or two and final basing. He’s the first black horse I’ve done in 6mm and I’m pretty pleased how it’s finished.


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