Painting 6mm Portuguese

This is how I’m painting my Portuguese. I’m using the Baccus Belgic Shako British.

  • Paint the trousers, arms and area below the cross belts in GW Royal Blue
  • Paint the collar and cuffs to match the regiment facings.
  • Paint the musket butt, backpack and waterbottle GW Bestial Brown.
  • Paint the rolled coat and breadbags Space Marine Grey. I’ve also painted what I take to be the messtin on the pack grey as I didn’t want them to stand out.
  • Paint the cross belts, shako plumes and straps white.
  • Paint the flesh. A blob for nose, cheeks and line for mouth where possible.
  • Paint the shako plate and cord with Shining Gold. Tidy up with black where necessary as the cords aren’t always easy to hit.
  • Paint musket barrel and bayonet/swords in Boltgun Metal.
  • Paint figure base in basing brown.

    I’ve undercoated from Black and mounted a unit of 6 strips per length of 10-15mm stripwood.

    Here’s some pictures of the 2 brigades of Portuguese I’ve painted and based so far. These belong to Cambell’s Portuguese Division and are 2 battalions each of the 4th, 10th, 2nd and 14th Regiments.

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