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In May we played quite a lot of Napoleonic Principles of War. The first game we played stretched over three night’s worth of playing (including getting set up, labelled and teaching new players so not too
bad although I hope things will get quicker.)
The game pitted two French Corps against a mixed force of British, Portuguese and Spanish. The first French Corps was deployed on table and the second was assumed to be marching to the sound of the guns arriving at the start of the second night. As it happened, poor generalship on the French side prevented it getting into the fray, a massive log jam ensuing. Not that it helped me, I got a pasting although I inflicted some damage.

Game turn 2 I reckon. I've stupidly stuck my left flank out and am inviting a good kicking.
Brits on a hill. How original!
Look out, here come the French! Matt makes his human traffic jam.
Beginning of the end. French Columns close on my artillery which has been shaken.
Almost at the end. The notable gap in the middle has been caused by my erstwhile Spanish allies disappearing. On the right flank I'm trying to buy some time with a Portuguese Division counterattacking.
My cavalry acting as a mobile reserve about to charge a french column. Unfortunately they formed square. It didn't end well.

One thought on “Principles of War Game Pictures”

  1. Shame I missed out with the Poles!

    Got hold of a set of Grande Armee rules – is that still the next project? In addition a few Russians have joined the ranks via fleabay – know you’ve said before, but can you remind me what base sizes you’re using…


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