THE 6mm Project

Over a year ago, I bought a Baccus box set of 6mm Napoleonic French and British figures. I painted a number of the units up and then lost interest as you do. I finally got the rest of the armies painted up, with the French being completed by Phil at Firezone Studio’s copying my example units.

The wednesday crowd at my house tried using the Polemos rules set that had come with the box set, but had extreme difficulty with the layout of the book and since Polemos 2nd Edition was about to be released I quickly sprung for that thinking that all the issues would have been ironed out. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and we pretty quickly came to the conclusion that the rules were unplayable as far as we’re concerned.

We’ve since moved onto writing our own rules which are using elements from Polemos, namely the tempo system and the movement rules, while using the Strength Points, morale and combat systems from Principles of War. This is because we are struggling to find an alternative which uses battalions as single base entities.

Kit’s building Prussian and French forces from Adler figures, primarily for the Waterloo campaign, while Matt has bought a large Irregular Polish army painted, and intends to get some Russians to fight them. My armies are French and Anglo-Portuguese for the Peninsular so we should have a broad spectrum to game once they’re all painted.

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