6mm WW2 Aircraft

What started as a desire to do the Battle of Britain has ended up with a Malta fixation. I first got into aerial combat with Blue Max, a boardgame set in WW1 which someone has converted into a webgame. I thought a move into WW2 would be fun, and siezed the opportunity to buy a Raiden Miniatures boxed set from eBay and chose Bag the Hun from the Two Fat Lardies as a ruleset. Pretty quickly I realised they weren’t for me and then I was introduced to Check Your 6! These proved a blessing, were clearly derived from Blue Max to a certain extent and gave a much closer feel to what I was looking for.

My local club are participating in a campaign which I’ve created around the island of Malta during WW2, the progress of which I’ll be tracking on my blog. Originally, I imagined it would for around 8-10 games. So far we’ve played 16 and there’s no sign of anyone wanting to quit!

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