Operation Jupiter – Part 2

The German orbat for the game. You’ll note that there is no CO for the Germans. This is because the regimental commands and higher were further back than the area represented on the table.

German – Elements of 10th SS “Frundsberg” Division

I Battalion. SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 21
1 HQ (CV9)
6 Infantry Unit (Waffen-SS)
1 Support Unit (MG, MG-34/42)
1 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm)

I Battalion/II Battalion SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 22 (Each)
1 HQ (CV9)
9 Infantry Unit (Waffen-SS)
1 Support Unit (MG, MG-34/42)
1 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm)
1 Support Unit (ATG, 75mm, Pak-40)
1 Support Unit (IG, 75mm, le.IG-18)

SS FlaK Abteilung 10
1 Anti-Tank Unit (ATG, 88mm, FlaK-36)

SS-Schweres-Panzer-Abteilung 102
1 Panzer Unit (Pzkpfw VI, Tiger) HQ (CV8)
2 Panzer Unit (Pzkpfw VI, Tiger)

SS Panzer-Artillerie Regiment 10
1 FAO (CV7)
3 Artillery Unit (105mm, Wespe)
3 Artillery Unit (105mm, leFH-18)

I. Battalion Werfer-Lehr-Regiment 1
2 Artillery Unit (Nebelwerfer)

    Special Rules

  • An additional -1 is placed on the FAO when requesting nebelwerfer fire as these units were supporting units across the operational front.

Below is the map showing the German initial set up in yellow. From left to right is I/PzGren 21, I/PzGren 22, II/PzGren 22. The yellow arrow shows the movement of the Tigers who were the reserves. Their use was restricted to their historical placement on and around Hill 112 and would lose the German player victory points if used.

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