Operation Jupiter – Part 1

Operation Jupiter was launched on 10th July 1944 by elements of the British Second Army’s VIII Corps, principally the 43rd Wessex Division. The objectives of this offensive were to recapture the heights of Hill 112, a dominant ridge of land between the Odon and Orne river valleys, and to capture the villages of Baron-sur-Odon, Chateau de Fontaine, Eterville and Maltot.

The wednesday night group meeting at my house decided to play part of this action using the Blitzkrieg Commander II rules and my 10mm Pendraken figures. Below is the Order of Battle we employed (Certain liberties having to be made in order to reflect my collection. Namely exchanging the Churchills of 9RTR for Shermans as I don’t have any Churchills) and the map on which we based our table on.

British – 130 Brigade, 43rd Wessex

Brigade CO

1 HQ (CV9)

4th Dorsets/5th Dorsets/7th Hampshires (Each)
1 HQ (CV8)
12 Infantry Unit (Regular Troops)
1 Support Unit (MG, Vickers)
1 Support Unit (ATG, 6-pdr)
1 Support Unit (Mortar, 3-inch)
1 Recce Unit (Scout Carrier)
1 Transport Unit (Universal Carrier)

A Sqn/B Sqn/C Sqn 9RTR (Each)
1 Tank Unit (Sherman, 75mm) HQ (CV8)
1 Tank Unit (Sherman Firefly)
2 Tank Unit (Sherman, 75mm)

B Sqn 141 RAC
1 Support Tank Unit (Churchill Crocodile) HQ (CV8)
2 Support Tank Unit (Churchill Crocodile)

112th (Wessex) Field Regiment
1 FAO (CV8)
3 Field Artillery Unit (25-pdr, 8-gun)

6th Field Regiment
3 Field Artillery Unit (25-pdr, Sexton)

13th Medium Regiment
3 Medium Artillery Unit (5.5-inch)

    Special Rules

  • Because of the amount of artillery available in this scenario, there was an additional -1 placed on the FAO requesting fire from the 6th and 13th.
  • The 7th Hamps and A Sqn 9RTR were the Brigade reserve and designated to the attack on Maltot. IF the players used them before the Chateau and Eterville were cleared, they would lose Victory Points.

This is the map we used as a basis for the scenario. The red outline indicates the area replicated on the table. The map is taken from the 1:25000 CHEUX map reference 37/16 SE dated July 1943> This is the map that the troops would likely have been using.

3 thoughts on “Operation Jupiter – Part 1”

  1. Us this a genuine operation from the second world war? My father served with the 13th Medium Regiment and if this is genuine then I would like to pass this on to him.

    He is 88 years old and any information I can get will be valuable.


    Chris Holmes

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