Peninsular Campaign – Dispatches from the front

The campaign is now 8 turns / days old and the first messages sent from players to national leaders are arriving. I shall be posting those which do not give the entire plan (!) to those who read the blog.

Overall the campaign seems to be functioning well, it’s generated around 1100 messages from players to units, units to players and players to other players and has generated 2 battles, one of which was played on tabletop and reported on this blog, the second was fought using Scourge of War Waterloo, a pc game which allowed the orbat to be imported in and a representative scenario set up and played out by a bunch of players including a couple of the campaign commanders. It looks like we’re heading for another battle in the next couple of days.

On the 8th of March, Napoleon received news from Maréchal Bessières sent on the 3rd.

Emperor, Lord of France,

I have taken Barcelona without incident. Catalonia is yours.

I am already working with a sympathetic local Junta to govern the region in your name.

Once III Corps has pushed through,I will secure the remainder of Catalonia, regroup and prepare to push on wherever needed to secure the glory of France.

V’L Emperor
V’L France

Your most loyal Servant

Commander II Corps
Marshal of France

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