What did you do during the COVID-19 outbreak daddy?

If I had children, I’d imagine that this question might get asked at some point. And well, the answer would be “not a right lot”, although it has proved useful in a number of hobby related ways.

  1. It has prompted me to get this blog going again, which is no real feat in itself, except WordPress has moved on since I was last tinkering with it and with a new domain comes a whole new install. Still trying to work out the kinks in the old stuff.
  2. I’ve spent a lot more time than normal (which is saying something) looking at screens of one sort or another. This made me realise I should be spending more time looking at figures and brushes and paints than trying to view the world solely through pixels. Thus my painting output has registered above the “negligible” level it’s been residing at recently.
  3. It’s made me look at alternatives to figure gaming generally, having bought a couple of solo playable boardgames over the past 2 years they’ve been useful and I’m now investigating the possibilities posed by Tabletop Simulator which is a PC piece of software which allegedly will allow you to play traditional wargames over the internet, perfect for social distancing.
  4. I’m reinvigorated and re-enthused to work on the campaign system. More on this hopefully over the coming weeks.

For now, here’s a couple of images of things I’ve painted in the past week.

15mm Blue Moon Carriage passengers being robbed.
15mm Blue Moon highwaymen.
Properly finished and based 15mm Blue Moon Musketeer figures

The plan for 2017

Yes, OK, we are already 2 months in. 2017 is already looking like it will be a productive year. Spurred on by Hammerhead and some conversations over Christmas we have already had a series of Blucher games, and are working through a series of LOTR SBG games right now.

The intention here is to play the same ruleset for a few weeks in a row, to get familiar with them and learn, rather than choppig and changing all the time.

Next up on the list is going to be Combat Patrol. Having just bought 200 quids worth of hedges from Last Valley I am keen to put them to use. We will play an introductory session to refresh memories in a couple of weeks and then build the forces and complexity of the game for a few weeks.

As for the painting table, I have resolved to get some collections finished rather than worry about what we are playing next so I am sending some 6mm Napoleonics to a painting service and have one Spanish infantry unit left to paint myself – hopefully done tonight. Then I’m onto some trees, bought off the bring and buy at Hammerhead, which i based onto mount board on Sunday and just need to PVA and sand, paint and flock and that is all the 6mm/10mm trees i likely will need done.

After that? Dunno yet. My planning isnt that far along.

Getting antsy and “ooh shiny” syndrome

I’m having a bit of a resurgence in interest in doing “stuff” for wargaming, and as a result my brain is going overboard with ideas and lots of “ooh shiny” moments.

Currently I’m waiting on some 20mm buildings from HACME, have about 100+ LOTR Rohan figures to paint, the remnants of about 5 6mm Spanish Napoleonic units to paint, so it makes perfect sense for me to be thinking “I’d really like to get some more ancients. I wonder what goes with my Marian Romans/Spanish/Maccabean Jewish that I currently have” because clearly the Jewish don’t go with the Marians in any sense of contemporaneous sense!

I’m thinking DBA 3.0, and some quick and dirty ancients games to make use of my desert GeoHex which I’ve had for a few years and never actually used.

Then there’s the 15mm Vietnam project, for which I’ve recently bought 2 QRF hueys (urgh – review to follow at some stage) and 4 Revell Plastic hueys. Itching to get these on table and start playing some Charlie Don’t Surf, and think of how to interface that and FNG/Combat Patrol into a campaign type environment – almost certainly the existing OPS system I’ve got.

I also think I need to change the blog layout. The main page looked really smart when I started and was focussed on only a couple of things, but now it’s very diverse it needs changing.

Tally Ho! – Why it’s all gone quiet on the blog front

Two weeks ago I went to the Hammerhead show at Newark, the first time I’ve been to that particular venue and as usual at any show, I bumped into lots of old acquaintances. One of these (no names – no pack drill) suggested that I had been less than diligent on updates here and that even popping round every other month was not showing anything new. This guilt trip made me realise that I did need to post a few things here and there that I’ve done over the past few months (Last update in June 1014?!)

The main reason that I’ve not been posting much is that I’ve not really been doing much painting recently. I think I’ve managed about 15-20 hrs of painting in the 9 months since the last update and the reason for this is not lack of enthusiasm but lack of time. I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time on and in a flight simulator game on the PC – IL2 Cliffs of Dover. I’ve played this online/multiplayer for over a year now, and am part of an online “virtual” squadron – more geekery I’m afraid. However, the dearth of updates here has coincided with my involvement with a server which in October last year I bought along with another chap. We are now running the Storm of War server, with associated website www.stormofwar.org which provides one of, if not the, best multiplayer environment available for this game (if I do say so myself). We have a vision of a cross between a strategic meta game and the flight sim portion, covering the Battle of Britain. Much of this has meant learning two new programming languages and the ongoing development of the server code means I’m spending about 20-30hrs a week working on the website, server code or general forum admin.

To give you an idea of what Cliffs of Dover is capable of, this video filmed by another group, shows just how immersive and graphically beautiful the game can be. It truly is worth watching the full thing and although it’s scripted it’s all the better for it.

I will be posting some pictures of more recent wargaming endeavours soon, as I am still gaming pretty much weekly. I just need to get my arse into gear and put some more effort into updating the blog.

2011 Progress Update – 4 Months in.

Almost four months into the year and I’m sorry to say that my progress is less than optimal. February was totally unproductive because my mum died on the 6th unexpectedly and taking some time to spend with my dad and my family since then has limited my painting and modelling time.

Of the things I said I was looking to do in this post it feels like I have managed the square root of not a lot. However, I have had a bit of a surge in the past few weeks, completing two of the Vietnam hooches, and prepping some 6mm Portuguese Cavalry.

I’m more pleased by the amount of blog posting I did in January and also the increased numbers of viewers that the blog is now gaining although I’d like to see even more. I need to try and up the frequency and content of the posts.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another post, an AAR this time.


Welcome to my website. I’ve decided to switch from a more conventional and outdated style, to a wordpress orientated site. This I hope will give me more flexibility in the long run, and allow faster and more meaningful updates. I’m keeping the old page structure so theres something to look at in the meantime, and to catelogue all the pretty pictures. From now on though, all updates will be done through the blog portion, which should be more user friendly.

Thanks for looking!