PT Dockyard 1/600th Coastal Ships

Late last year I posted on TMP regarding scales for playing Coastal Forces in WW2, and the general consensus was that 1/600th was favourite. The choices appeared to be Skytrex or PT Dockyard and the prices of the resin from the US seemed to trump that of Skytrex here in the UK so I bought a selection of MTB’s, MGB’s and E-Boats as well as a bunch of merchants for them to fight over.

The ships arrived within a couple of weeks which is excellent going from the US. Each class of ship is in its own bag with a diagram showing how the various small resin pieces, guns and masts and the like should be assembled. As I look at them, they appear to be rather complicated and fiddly, I expect an amount of swearing will be involved in putting them together. Many of the ships with small pieces seem to have a “web” of flash holding the small pieces together, which will need some careful trimming but it’s a clever way of making sure that they all stay together in transit.

The ships themselves look to be well cast, with a few bubbles, mainly on small details. There appears to be a few areas of flash or bloom, where resin will need to be removed carefully but I think with a little work they’ll be very nice models indeed.

Since starting this draft post (over a month ago!), I’ve actually managed to get 4 of the MTB’s, Vosper 70fters to be exact, and 2 of the smaller coastal freighters finished. I’ve experimented with the merchant vessels with two different washes, one gives a rusty kind of look, while the black wash I think looks better. I’ve left off the flimsy details of masts on the merchants, as they’re cast in such thin resin or plastic I don’t think they’ll stand up the rigours of gaming, nor could I work out exactly what went where and how they should fix.

I’ve got 4 MGB’s ready to start, their 20mm or 2pdr guns are fiddly as hell to cut out and glue on, but they do look pretty good.

Here’s a couple of shots of the stuff done so far.

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