Malta Campaign Game 13

We had 6 british players tonight and an additional Axis player to Kit so I was able to concentrate on taking some photo’s and running the game. The scenario was for the British to exit off the far edge of the board a pair of Hurricanes, one of which must be a cannon armed version. This pair was replacing an incoming pair that had been flying cover for a convoy enroute to Grand Harbour. The Italians had 6 Mc.202’s armed with 2HMG’s each with which to try to stop the players.

It was a surprising game with only a couple of planes shot down, both Italian, although several Hurricanes were damaged the players achieved their objective and the game ended with everyone getting a few campaign points.

As a result, Andy and Paul have been promoted to Veteran status, the first to do so in the campaign. Here’s some general shots of the action.

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