What did you do during the COVID-19 outbreak daddy?

If I had children, I’d imagine that this question might get asked at some point. And well, the answer would be “not a right lot”, although it has proved useful in a number of hobby related ways.

  1. It has prompted me to get this blog going again, which is no real feat in itself, except WordPress has moved on since I was last tinkering with it and with a new domain comes a whole new install. Still trying to work out the kinks in the old stuff.
  2. I’ve spent a lot more time than normal (which is saying something) looking at screens of one sort or another. This made me realise I should be spending more time looking at figures and brushes and paints than trying to view the world solely through pixels. Thus my painting output has registered above the “negligible” level it’s been residing at recently.
  3. It’s made me look at alternatives to figure gaming generally, having bought a couple of solo playable boardgames over the past 2 years they’ve been useful and I’m now investigating the possibilities posed by Tabletop Simulator which is a PC piece of software which allegedly will allow you to play traditional wargames over the internet, perfect for social distancing.
  4. I’m reinvigorated and re-enthused to work on the campaign system. More on this hopefully over the coming weeks.

For now, here’s a couple of images of things I’ve painted in the past week.

15mm Blue Moon Carriage passengers being robbed.
15mm Blue Moon highwaymen.
Properly finished and based 15mm Blue Moon Musketeer figures

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