Dark Age Village

Matt has been working on his 15mm terrain for a year or so now. I had the opportunity of going round last week and taking some pictures of the village set up. It’s still missing livestock, civilians, troops and what have you, but it’s still pretty impressive for 15mm. He’s paid particular attention to those little details which set layouts like this apart from your average club game. There’s midden heaps, wood piles, fishing nets drying, even toilets – presumably inspired by the groaning Viking in the Jorvik centre. I’m really looking forward to playing on this set up, if he ever gets the Saxons painted anyway! He’s thinking of doing North America too, using the Vikings I painted for him and some Skraelings. We’ve got Pig Wars and Dux Britanniarum to play with, so we’ll be experimenting to find what we like best.

Anyway, here are the photo’s

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      The pallisade is from Baggage Train ( http://the-baggagetrain.com/ ), a fantastic company who also made the boat body (it a 1/300 viking longship!)

      The wicker fencing, pig pens, chicken coups and the stone building (a Saxon church) are from Hovels. The other buildings and detailing (dung heaps etc) are scratch built

      The fields are TSS, Baggage Train, and Tesco (!) for the corn fields

      Roads and the river are S&A Scenics, including some one-off items.

      The marsh and marsh road (not really visible here) are home made.

      Since Gavin took the picture, a flock of 20 sheep has appeared one field. Cows are now being russeled up. Chickens, dogs, horses and a few goats to follow.

      I’ve 45 villagers (all different castings, including women and children) to paint up to populate my village, along with a forge to build and numerous other detailings.

      I suspect we wont actually get a game on it before Christmas!


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