Gamecraft Miniatures 15mm Buildings Review

I took advantage of an advertised sale for the American Labor Day at Gamecraft miniatures and ordered 8 of their foamboard buildings on September 2nd. They arrived two days ago, but I’ve only just been able to pick them up from the postbox.

They arrived in a smallish box, which when opened had a number of polythene bags containing the “flat pack” buildings, all surrounded by packing peanuts and rather interestingly several American sweets which was a very nice touch and made the unpacking and first try at putting a building together a very sickly sweet affair! (I must say that I rather like Tootsie Roll!)

I’d ordered a selection of different buildings for use in Force on Force or similar modern setting games in the Middle East. The three I’ve unpacked so far and put together are extemely nice models. They’re laser cut, which has a small downside in that it clearly melts the foam between the layers of board to a depth of about 2-3mm. This will need filling. However, the buildings go together very well, nothing I’ve seen so far suggests that the cuts are in the wrong place or anything is missing. The slots for the roof to go in are very tight fits and take a bit of concentration to get them in. The wall joints are the opposite, I think they could do with being a little bit tighter but since they need pinning and gluing and then finishing they’re probably good enough.

Here’s a couple of photo’s of some of the buildings in pack form as well as made up. Figures are 15mm Peter Pig.

GameCraft buildings
GameCraft buildings
GameCraft buildings

A couple of my buildings are more than 1 story high, and the models contain no interior floors. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest as the roof doesn’t come off either, but it may affect some people depending on what level of detail they want.

I’m extremely impressed and while I’ve outlined a couple of negatives, I think I cannot fault the product. The shapes for the windows and doors would be almost impossible to do by hand yourself, and the time taken measuring and laying out is just not worth the measly cost of the buildings. My only regret is that I ordered a couple of days before Allen released a Mosque model. I believe he’s now extended this method out to MDF kits too, which offer substantially better stability I’d guess and has also allowed him to use his laser to etch detail such as bricks on parts of the wall. When painted it’ll look just like the plaster has come away in that section.

Please check GameCraft out for yourself here

One thought on “Gamecraft Miniatures 15mm Buildings Review”

  1. Great review.
    I’m from the UK and it only took 5 days for my order to get to me -two of those being here in the UK !!
    I too got some rather nice sweets in my box.
    The buildings are as you say fantastic and so easy to put together and finish. Ideal for fast and easy built up areas.

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