FNG OPS Campaign – 11th Sept (pt1)

11th Sept

Heavy rain greeted the troops of Bravo Company. A mixed squad of 1st Squad and the platoon command went out on perimeter patrol.

Table set up
Table set up

The Americans have to clear 2 PEF (Potential Enemy Forces), randomly placed on the table in sector 1 and 5 (Top left and middle right).

American's patrolling
American's patrolling
American's patrolling

In the early few turns the Americans activate and move towards the nearest PEF. This PEF moves off towards the middle of the table and the Americans chase after it resolving that it is actually nothing.

Chasing to catch up to the PEF

Unfortunately the chase has taken the platoon commander close to the second PEF which is resolved to be a 3 man Local force VC cell. Even worse, two of the three men are REP 5’s and the LT goes down hit twice by the enemy.

LT goes down
The VC spring the ambush

The US troops manouvre into line to push forward triggering a firefight which they are on the losing side.


Three more of their number go down while one of the VC is knocked down and another ducks back when his SKS jams.

American casualties pile up

Another round of firing knocks the VC leader down too, and the US advance to take two prisoners while the medic tries to save those wounded who haven’t already bled out. Unfortunately several of the wounds are too serious for him to do anything. 6 Casualties out of ten men, with 4 KIA, 1 Light wound, 1 Heavy wound. Not a good day! I’m beginning to think that more than 1 squad needs to be sent on patrols together.

Results of the patrol

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  1. Hi Gav, hows tricks? moved up to Lincoln now and still to unpack everything. Looks like you are having some fun with those rules 🙂

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