FNG OPS Campaign – Recap

Last year I started an OPS Campaign. OPS is a framework developed by Darby in support of Two Hour Wargames FNG vietnam wargame ruleset. They’re intended to provide a GM or individual players a narrative campaign experience and a context with which to generate tabletop games. The games can be played out or if you wanted they can be automated through the clever systems within the game.

AS I said, I started the OPS campaign last year but only managed to play through three days worth of it before I got sidetracked with other things. However, I saved all the progress made so far. This post is a recap and I hope to be continuing the game as a diversion from the other projects that I’m working on.

I suggest that you open the following link to the map of the AO in a separate window and I hope you’re familiar with both 4 and 8 figure grid references. MAP!!

(If you’re not, the first 2 figures locate the horizontal grid, the second 2 the vertical giving a kilometer square area for 4 fig. For 8 fig the first 2 are the horizontal, the 5th and 6th the vertical. The 3rd & 4th and 7th & 8th further refine the horizontal and vertical positioning by breaking the box into 10 divisions and another 10 within that)


The campaign started on the 1st September ’67 and my command is Bravo Co. None of my platoons are at full strength, each has a 3man plt command, 1st platoon has 24 other men, 2nd 21 and 3rd plt has only 18 men.

For supporting units I rolled only 1, a battery of 105’s.

Enemy presence in the AO is high, with 10 Local VC units, and 7 NVA/MFVC (Main Force Viet Cong) units.

1st Sept

Weather – Fog.

1st and 2nd Platoons Air Assault into planned FSB location at grid 29756170 (spot height 124). They have a brief firefight with enemy who break contact, leaving 1 US WIA (light). They then conduct a sweep of the sector, which garners no further enemy action or contact.

At this point, the weather changes, the fog turns to monsoon rain, scuppering my intentions to air land the 105’s and the remaining platoon.

The troops on the ground begin breaking ground for the Basic Perimeter Defences.

2nd Sept

Weather AM – RAIN.

Intel – Possible Cache in sector 2760

Special Event – Major OP required. 5 days in Sector 2863.

Well, with a limited stock of AAP’s, there wasn’t much I could do. The FSB definitely needed its guns moving there, and if I didn’t do it now, the monsoons could set in. Therefore, I have airlifted the Battery into position, and since the choppers were there, I appropriated 1 to take my WIA back to see the pretty nurses. He’ll be back in 6 days.

In the meantime, I figured my 2 loaned plt’s for babysitting the FSB would be transported to me, so ignored any SP or AAP cost for those. They can crack straight on with the Basic Perimeter Defences.

1st and 2nd platoons will sweep North and then East up the valley on foot, allowing me to use my remaining AAP’s to deliver 3rd Plt and Co. Command to the required grid for the OP. Seems that the enemy saw us coming and were ready. Poor old 2nd Squad took 1 WIA and 1 KIA. The enemy slipped away and we were left with nothing.

To their south east, 1st & 2nd Platoons have been shot at by a sniper to no effect.

Its still raining.
1st & 2nd have patrolled another sector further North coming into contact with a local VC 5 man group. 1 US WIA (serious) and 1 confirmed kill, but several bloodtrails. They’ll have to Remain Over Night in sector 2963.

Back at the FSB the battery have begun erecting the Basic Fire Direction Centre which should be up by tomorrow night.

Another day in the field for Bravo. HIGHER’s big push offensive is turning into a right meatgrinder. Not a good day overall.

3rd Sept

Weather – Cloudy.
Before the units move out, a medevac swoops in and collects the 2 WIA, and KIA from yesterdays contacts. WIA will be back on the line in 3 & 4 days respectively.

3rd Plt and Company Co. are going to play the anvil, to a hammer sweep conducted by 1st & Second Plts. Unfortunately, they are hit by a command detonated mine as they move through the sector, losing 6 men (3 KIA, 3 WIA).

Still cloudy.
A medevac again pulls out the dead and injured, the WIA returning in 1,1 & 4 days.

The sweep continues, contacting a squad from the Main Force VC HQ. In the ensuing Firefight, 1 enemy is KIA, and 1 estimated WIA for no friendly loss.

Clouds give way to rain.

Fatigue levels are rising from such sustained activity, so I decide to take a risk. 2nd Plt, the freshest, will conduct a night ambush in concert with a flareship and spooky mission (gotta use those AAP’s sometime!). The rest of the unit will RON, and hope there is no contact.

Sometime in the early hours, an enemy unit stumbles through the ambushing units arcs of fire. They fire, the enemy react and slip away into the jungle firing as they go. 1 US soldier is WIA while the plt suggest they have wounded at least 2 enemy. Not a good result.

2 firefly missions are also flown over night, 1 managing to locate a suspected camp in the operation sector reducing EI a little.

The units RON however pass 2 d6, but achieve a “cache found” result. It’s undefended, so I determine no contact has occurred and they can lose a FP.

A bad day for the US, I now have 1 squad with only 2 members, another with only 4 and scattered casualties throughout the company. Enemy Influence is still over 20, coupled with the EA and EP of 4 & 1 respectively, meaning that major contacts are still likely and there’s still 3 days left of the required OP!

The good news is that the Basic fire Direction Centre is now built, so the artillerymen are working on the Basic Artillery positions, and soon I’ll be able to send out some HE lovin’ to Charlie.

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