Force on Force Game AAR pt 1

Two wednesday’s ago we started a Force on Force game at Matt’s. We’ve only played a couple of games of FoF so far, and this is the biggest game we’ve attempted. Matt took the Taliban and I took the US Marines whose mission was to sweep through the compounds. I’d been briefed to expect the enemy, and I had a full platoon of 3 13 man squads, platoon HQ, 2 AAV-7’s and on call air support.

My plan was to deploy one of squads to cover the east side of the first compound, ready to breach while another squad takes up a position in the drainage ditch to give overall front and left cover. The third squad and the HQ team were going to be held in reserve to come on table in one of the vehicles at a later turn.

Turn 1

In the picture above you can see the situation at the end of the first turn. (Picture taken from the East). 1st Squad has moved on to the board and is South of Compound 1, and 2nd Squad has started moving towards their overwatch positions amongst the trees to the West of Compound 1. The Taliban have opened fire with Dshk and a squad from the green zone to no effect at the team on the road, who with return fire have dropped a number of the Taliban. Matt then promptly made almost all his casualty rolls and won the initiative from me!

The next turn Matt again fired at me down the road, and again return fire from my guys was pretty effective in putting the Taliban down. In a D8 v D6 game, this sort of rolling is pretty handy!

Good Rolling

Again though, Matt made most of his casualty rolls. In response, I moved 1st Squad into position to breach into compound 1 and while trying to debus from the AAV I took several casualties and a pinned result and scurried back into the wagon.

Man Down!

The next turn I got the initiative back and breached the compound from inside which a group of 6 Taliban opened fire injuring one of my guys. My return fire though was pretty effective, right up until Matt came to roll for his wounds.

Effective Return Fire
Matt's Wound Rolls!

In the field, a DshK opened up on my squad advancing in the open, but my reaction roll gained a Fog of War card which was a sandstorm and took effect immediately. Matt wasn’t happy with the result meaning he couldn’t shoot at me, but his hidden troops were suddenly revealed and I could react to them elsewhere. I can see his point.

I sent a fire team into the field to deal with the DshK which went well, especially when a Taliban team on an overlooking rooftop opened up and I was able to smack them too.

Getting up close in the fields.

And that’s where we left it. Matt’s got a couple of wiped out teams awaiting casualty checks, and I’ve got 2 KIA so far. We’d planned on continuing again last Wednesday but my current health scare put paid to that. I’ll write up pt2 when and if we get it played!

Trouble for the Taliban in the Green zone