First game of the year pt 2

On Wednesday night we continued the game we started last week, the French having managed to punch through the British line ontop of the hill. The plan was to see how easy it was to extricate the British army to see if the rules are suitable for a campaign setting or whether we’ll need to decide when the battle is over.

As it happens it turns out it was easy for the British to retreat, but in doing so they lost two thirds of their artillery (not unreasonably we thought) and also the remaining cavalry brigade in fending off the French cavalry from getting at their infantry in march columns.

The key to their success was two-fold, firstly the hill terrain was so difficult going that having pushed the British off it via retire results my own troops had to move at a slower pace. Secondly, we weren’t playing with written orders since it was Matt and Peter’s first Principles game. This meant that rather than trying to change their orders for successive divisions and the time lag involved, they could turn at will and flee.

The final results of the game were close, in game losses meant that the British lost 32 SP from combat compared to the French 48 SP. The picture is modified however by the fact the British lost 3 whole cavalry brigades who would be difficult to rebuild, and 2 artillery batteries and when you add the SP from the latter it takes their losses up to 53 SP. In campaign terms that would be a very bad result for both sides but the loss of the artillery will hurt the British in the long run.

Here’s a few pictures from the game. I’ve not written it up because it was fairly uneventful once I failed to destroy the British cavalry in the first round of combat and had no chance to catch up with the infantry disappearing off the table.

British Infantry pushed off the hill form into march columns to retreat. A french infantry regiment has just charged the lone Artillery battery in column. It will be repulsed but prevent the artillery being limbered and taken away.
The situation on the right flank where the French Dragoon Brigade has forced a British Brigade into square.
British Infantry form into march columns to retreat on the right flank. The last cavalry Brigade is flung in against the French Dragoon Brigade to make good the infantry escape.
The End. The British in columns will disappear off the table before my cavalry division can catch them.

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