First post of the new year

I’d intended posting this round up of 2010 and a list of my plans for 2011 before New Years Day but as ever I wasn’t organised enough!

I’ve finished off the year with a flurry of activity and good intentions for the coming months. I’ve managed to get the flags printed and attached to the last two bases of Portuguese infantry that have been painted for months. I had a good day on the 30th and painted 4 bases of British Royal Horse Artillery as well as the 3rd Regt of Hussards. Not only that but I finally finished off the basing and figures on the remaining US troops for Vietnam. I think 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company is now complete. There’s also some other 6mm Napoleonics which I finished up during November but that never made it to the blog. Click on a thumbnail to open up the larger versions and scroll through.

When I took a look through all the unfinished projects I was a little surprised to see just how many of them there were, and how much or how little was actually needed to complete them. Because of this I’ve taken the decision to get the rest of my Napoleonic infantry painted for me. Phil at Fire Zone Studio’s has already done some painting for me, following my paint choices and in a style almost indistinguishable from my own so he’s the natural choice. In total I’ll be sending almost 1000 figures to him to finish off the figures that I have, a total that I’m not sure that I could plow through with my current lack of focus.

If I do this I’ll be able to concentrate on the other projects which only require a small number of figures or are achievable in some other way. I really need to get some results that I can sit back and appreciate and use rather than just plod away at a project which may come to fruition in six, twelve or more months.

So, my plans for 2011 are

  • Complete the rewrite of the FNG rules for Vietnam and Afghan games.
  • Build and paint 3 Vietnam hooch kits
  • Finish the 4 paddy fields that I began in August 2009!
  • Paint the additional 6 Raiden bf109’s, 3 Raiden Hurricanes, 3 Raiden Spitfires and 6 Leading Edge Macchi 2o2’s.
  • Commission larger perspex hex bases for bombers as the current bases are too prone to toppling over
  • Make additional flight stands and rods
  • 10mm British support stands for Blitzkrieg Commander
  • 10mm German Artillery stands for Blitzkrieg Commander

Hopefully these aims are small enough to make sure that I can complete them with time to spare.

Its also my intention to make sure that every Malta Campaign game is photographed and written up for the Blog, as well as at least one other game per month.

The other major project for the beginning of the year is the continuation of porting my Access Database campaign system onto the internet. I’ve already made a start, but am struggling with some of the code required for the courier system because of the complexity. I’ve also realised more and more that I need to be including limits to prevent one stacking of forces, as well as other bits and bobs.

I think after all the tooing and froing of the Napoleonic rules saga that I’ve hit upon the ideal result, back where I started; using Principles of War, but varying the numbers of bases per unit from the notional 3, to a base per battalion or cavalry regiment. That means that brigades become the manouvre element and they vary from 2 to 5 bases depending on their real life status. Strength Points will be arrived at using a combination of numbers of men in the brigade and also the quality of the unit. On top of that a small variation of a D4 will determine whether or not the unit is having a good or bad day! Seems such a shame that we couldn’t have arrived here earlier since its caused so much drama within our little group.

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