The Battle of Leon

The campaign threw up a battle between Anglo Portuguese forces and elements of the French V Corps. Rhys kindly offered to game out the action, so the report below is from his perspective. I provided a few background details and some basic standing orders and let him game it out as he saw fit within those parameters.

Actual ground layout was chosen randomly from a crossroads selection random layout.

This gave me two villages in the AO: San Andres and Onzonilla.

Wellingtons Reinforcements if they come would arrive from the North. Interestingly any French Reinforcements would arrive through Onzonilla.

Wellington’s Main Effort was to hold the crossroads, Mortiers was to delay the Anglo Armies advance for as long as possible. Neither side was willing to tolerate high casualties or risk their Cavalry to achieve this however. Both sides had a key intent of remaining in good order at close of battle, whatever the outcome.

Interestingly the AI decided to faint left through San Andres and the ridgeline to fix the French and have a main thrust straight down the road through the crossroads and try to roll the French up from the right.
The French AI decided (unsurprisingly), to hold the ridgeline and concentrate fire power on the crossroads. Using a forward line to delay the advance along the E to W road.

There was some initial kuffufle with formations for the advance and the right wing of 4 Div set of down the road at pace.

The French sat patiently in the broken ground in front of their camp on the ridgeline watching the Allied advance.

At this point it started to awry for the allies the road became bogged down for any who went near it and 4 Div’s left wing had soon far outreached it. The Nominated Res failed to keep pace with the battle line in any way until late into the afternoon.

With the main allied thrust reaching its target in a broken line, they started to received heavy fire from the French. The 3rd cav Bde had secured their right flank (Onzanilla) however, and the left flank had started to regain its shape.

With the allied Main Effort faltering due to bad cohesion and heavy French fire on the right, the situation looked like it might be saved by the quick work of clearing San Andres by the left wing.

Just as the Main allied thrust seemed to be falling apart at the crossroads, Allied reinforcements start pouring onto the field and heading straight down the road. Just as the left wing also made its first attempt at the ridge.

In the very next hour, some of the French reinforcements start to arrive, quickly sending the allied cavalry fleeing from Ordenez, leaving the allied Centre right wide open as 4 Div started to fall back.

The allied original reserve finally arrives and manages to plug the gap at the crossroads, the reinforcements become bogged down on the road where 4 Div had originally and tied up in the retreating 4 Div Battalions. The left wing is managing to cause casualties amongst the French right, but cannot summit the ridge in force.

With the right wing looking shaky, and unknown numbers of French arriving Wellington hesitates, he keeps the left engaged for one last push, but shores up his centre of gravity on the crossroads. Mortier having now lasted most of the day, takes the opportunity to start pulling back all those not engaged,

With casualties starting to mount amongst the few heavily engaged units, the French speed up their withdrawal. Wellington has similar issues and feels content with holding the crossroads – and thus lets the French withdraw without a chase.
Strategic victory for the allies; but a tactical draw, with both sides achieved their ME’s.

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