Campaign Situation – 26th March 1809

If one of my players is reading this, please don’t! For the rest of you, here’s how things are shaping up.

The campaign continues on, the ,three remaining French players have stuck to their initial plan and while we’ve not had any battles result there’s been some interesting opportunities which have slipped through both sides hands through lack of understanding. Malcolm’s found much the same with his system, that when players have some incomplete information, they’re unwilling to act boldly.

The French invasion of Spain has so far captured the regions of Aragon, Old and New Castile as well as Catalonia.

Current Map

Three main thrusts have crossed the Alps, the Northern corps captured San Sebastien on the first day of the campaign, and have moved southwest to Burgos where they then switched direction to the Northwest towards Galiza, besieging the capital Santiago as I type.

The Central thrust headed by Marshal Victor, the overall French commander, crossed the border at Lizaso and Roncesvalles, capturing the fortresses of Pamplona and Burgos and on to the regional capital of Valladollid. Anglo-Portuguese cavalry have been pushed back and onto the flank of the thrust and the two cavalry screens have repeatedly scouted each other as the two generals try to get more information on the others forces. The Fortress of Cuidad Rodrigo was invested a few days ago, trapping some Anglo-Portuguese forces there along with the garrison.

Now the most Southern thrust, Ney’s 2 corps have struggled through the terrible mountain roads from Lascun and Bagneres de Luchon to gain the main road from Zaragoza to Madrid. Both have been taken and Ney is now crossing the Tagus to the south of the Spanish Capital.

Had either Wellington or Beresford understood the situation a few days ago around Zamora, I believe they should have pushed to concentrate forces either at Cabillas forcing the French to attack over the bridged road, or even to loop North through the worse roads admittedly, but to fall on the rear of the French advance around Valladollid, as well as disrupting communications and supply lines, possibly even recapturing the region and gaining a bonus of Spanish forces raised in celebration. – Something they don’t know will happen of course though so you can’t blame them for that!

We’re paused for a few days across the weekend, Mike’s gone away and I’ve come home to my Dad’s as it’s the anniversary of my Mum’s death last year so I wanted to spend some time with him. I’d planned on going up to Vapnartak tomorrow, but with the snow coming down thick and fast at the moment, that might not be possible!

I’d like to finish with a hearty thanks for those who put their heads above the parapet and defended me recently. You know who you are and thanks.

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    1. Hi Simon, no, I’m still playing as a French Marshal. I am a bit far from the action at the moment so I feel I can have some sort of impartiality when looking at the overall picture.

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