2011 Progress Update – 4 Months in.

Almost four months into the year and I’m sorry to say that my progress is less than optimal. February was totally unproductive because my mum died on the 6th unexpectedly and taking some time to spend with my dad and my family since then has limited my painting and modelling time.

Of the things I said I was looking to do in this post it feels like I have managed the square root of not a lot. However, I have had a bit of a surge in the past few weeks, completing two of the Vietnam hooches, and prepping some 6mm Portuguese Cavalry.

I’m more pleased by the amount of blog posting I did in January and also the increased numbers of viewers that the blog is now gaining although I’d like to see even more. I need to try and up the frequency and content of the posts.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another post, an AAR this time.

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