New Peninsular Campaign Players sought

So, the time has just about come. I’m looking to recruit some players for another go at the campaign using the online system I’ve been tinkering with on and off for “some time” (aka about 8 years).

I’ve tried this before (as you can see from the blog here!) and unfortunately the system had a few bugs which took some time to resolve, and it stalled when we found a lack of time to actually game out the battles. Losing several months of development on a memory stick and changing jobs while undergoing house renovations didn’t help either.
I’m hopeful that this time round a) we all have plenty of time!!! and b) technology can play it’s part and allow remote gamers the opportunity to play the battles they’re involved in using Tabletop simulator or similar. Additionally I believe I’ve squashed all the bugs that were immediately apparent in my localised testing and hazy recollection of what went before. (That’s not to say there won’t still be issues!)

The scenario will once again be the Peninsular, although a fictionalised French invasion in 1808 with the Anglo Portuguese already in theatre in Portugual. Manoeuvre elements are Brigades or batteries, and because the system tracks individual men in their constituent units (battalions, companys, squadrons etc) any battles that occur can be fought using a variety of rulesets and scales.

Turns will be run automatically every other day (ie 2 real days per campaign day), and in most cases will involve logging into the website, sending a few messages to fellow players, reading their messages and trying to figure out where your units have marched off to 🙂 When a battle is due to be fought, the system will pause until we can enter the result. As above, I’m aiming to have this done fairly rapidly to keep momentum and interest.

The overall “end game” will be governed by the French ability to capture Madrid and Lisbon. If they do that, they win. If they cannot do that, then peace will break out at some point to ensure that the campaign doesn’t go on as long as the real thing. However the main thing is for people to have fun.

Ideally, I think we need to have 2 British players, 3 Spanish players, and 8 French players. Each player will be furnished with a secret set of personal objectives, such as “be the first Marshal to write to Napoleon claiming Madrid”, or “Ensure that Spanish units are present at all battles where allies are victorious”. I’m not planning on having a hierarchical player command structure (although if there’s enough interest it might be an interesting exercise), and I’m hoping that the players will indulge in some light roleplay to liven things up.

If you are interested in taking part, please email campaign [at] and let me know.