FNG OPS Campaign – 4th Sept

4th Sept

I’m going to play this out long hand so as to give people reading an idea of how OPS works. The turn sequence is as follows:

  1. Check Weather. I roll a 5 which for this time of year means Heavy Rain
  2. Determine Supply Points. (SP) Because the FSB is still under a week old I get 6 d6 SP with which to pay for my activities.
  3. Determine Air Asset Points. (AAP) Heavy Rain means no AAP so no need to roll
  4. Roll for intel I gain minor intel telling me that theres a possible enemy supply crossroads in sector 2764, and the Enemy Influence (EI) goes up by 6
  5. Roll for Special Events. I found that special events happen too often so I roll only once a day, and this time nothing happens!
  6. Plan and Run the AM Operations. Since the Co. is in the field following “Highers” directive for now, I decide we’ll run a Co. Sweep in the sector. This is an all day OP generating a contact roll AM & PM. This contact roll results in a Medium contact, a booby trap is found and fortunately due to rolling a 6, it causes no casualties.
  7. Check if there’s a change in Weather. Nope, not that lucky!
  8. Plan and Run PM Operations. At the FSB my TDY plts complete the Basic Perimeter Defences. The rest of the Company are still continuing with the sweep. The contact roll results in another medium contact, this time an enemy squad has found us. At this point, we break to the table top for the game.
  9. With the rain lashing down, 3rd Platoon struggled through the jungle along a trail, their Rep 4 pointman from 2nd Squad leading them towards the area they’d been allotted to clear. Ahead of them, although unseen through the rain were two huts with paddy fields and spots of uncleared jungle leading to the impassible river. Moving cautiously through a number of turns without spotting any movement and always being aware of the risk of booby traps, 2nd Squad takes the lead and moves from Jungle into Elephant grass.

    In turn 16 the Pointman sprints across the gap to the first hut, prompting an insight check from the VC posted in the corner of the paddy who fires his SKS at the grunt. A volley of M16 rounds fly back and the VC ducks back into the rain. The US win the next activation and the pointman charges the enemy behind the dike, his movement putting off the enemy shot and as the two grapple, the VC goes down wounded and out of the fight.

    As the pointman regathers his composure and stands up on the dike, another VC spots him and shoots, his reaction is to duck back into the jungle away from the shooter rather than shoot back. As the rest of 2nd Squad try to rush across to the hut to where they can hear shots firing, 2 fail their fast move test and are left in the open. The VC take a couple of insight checks as they’re just within the visibility range, and 2 AK47’s ring out targetting one of the men. He goes down in a heap, multiple wounds appearing as the rain dilutes his blood even as it seeps from his body.

    Next turn the US win the activation again, and the pointman tries to pop up and shoot the charlie in the paddy dike. As he comes up, the SKS is trained on his position and another shot rings out, closer this time and he hunkers down. The M60 in the open shoots at the AK47 toting charlie in the pig pen, causing him to Duck back.

    The US again win the activation, and a grunt poking round the hut shoots at the VC in the paddy, causing him to duck back, but in his activation he pops up to fling a grenade drawing two M16’s fire and getting knocked down. The grenade thuds into the paddy half way to the enemy, and goes off throwing mud but little shrapnel around.

    The next couple of turns sees small localised repositioning, trying to stay out of each others sight, until the Americans stumble upon a tunnel entrance hidden under some pots outside the hut. They throw a grenade down which explodes, and begin to pull back. The RTO tries to make contact with the FSB to call in the 105mm Howitzers, but the crew are busy and tell him to call back later. It will take another two turns to finally get a spotting round in, during which the enemy completely out of sight for the rain, collect their wounded colleague and start to melt away.

    When the spotting round lands, it’s smack on target, the hut collapsing but the tunnel is not affected, the round doesn’t pack enough of a punch to bring it down. The US pull back, leaving their dead soldier behind however.

    Result of the game? 1 US KIA (Body not recovered), 1 VC WIA (Estimated Dead). Neither Hut was searched, although a tunnel entrance (1 of 2) was found. This translates to +1 EI for the US KIA, +2 EI for the BNR (Both lucky rolls, could have been +13!), -4 EI for the VC Est KIA. Total result -7 EI for the sector, and +1 FP for all units, +1 FP for 3rd Plt for BNR. I have not awarded any reduction in EI for the days operation, since nothing of real value was achieved.

  10. Check if there’s a change in Weather. The rain lifts, staying dry but cloudy for the night.
  11. Plan and Run Night Operations. I decide to try and lick my wounds, keeping all the units in defensive positions. Works out well, no enemy contact (Double 6!) means -1FP for all units.
  12. Book Keeping. Make sure all the records are updated to reflect the days EA, EI and EP changes as well as the SP and AAP

And that’s it, a day in the life of Firebase Stamford and the boys from Bravo Co. Hope you enjoyed reading, and look out for further updates of their progress, tomorrow they have to do it all again!

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